Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY pottery barn grosgrain roman shade

My upstairs bathroom has had a vinyl roller shade in it for about 7 years.  Pretty ugly but functional.  Little did I know that those shades start to breakdown over time.  And they start to smell.  Bad.  Like armpits.  Not a nice treat when the shade gets heated up by the sun.

It was time to upgrade.  I've had my eye on Pottery Barn's grosgrain cordless roman shade for a while.  Loving the black ribbon for its graphic punch. 

Grosgrain Ribbon Cordless Roman Shade

On sale for $186 right now.  But that is still WAY more clams than I planned to spend on a shade for the bathroom.  There had to be a cheaper DIY solution.

Here's more grosgrain inspiration....


Enter Bed Bath and Beyond's cordless roman shade in white.  The fabric is polyester with the weave of indoor-outdoor fabric.  Not nearly as nice as the PB cotton but's for a steamy bathroom.

I bought some stitch witchery and black grosgrain from Joann Fabrics.  The instructions that came with the BBB shade said do not iron.  Hmmm.  Not good.  Gluing the ribbon down was an option but I liked the instant gratification of the stitch witchery.  So I took a chance.  If it totally ruined the shade, I was out 50 beans.

Keep in mind, I wasn't going for perfection here. But it doesn't look too bad.  The stitch witchery worked - I just didn't leave the iron on there for too long.  Just long enough to get it to stick. 

The horrible hack job white tile is coming out soon....thank god!  Loving the new Dash and Albert diamond rug though.  And it will look much better over TrafficMaster Allure in Hickory.


  1. I love everything you are doing! beautiful.

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