Monday, February 4, 2013

a move and a bedroom

readers, it has been ages since I've posted. much has happened. my husband and I moved from california back to chicago where we bought our first piece of property: a condo in Andersonville.

also, we had a baby this summer, a beautiful little girl who is already 5 months old. it's all going too fast.

the condo we moved into is newly gut rehabbed and has many fine qualities. that said, it's a little stale and needs some adjustments in the details. now that things have settled down in the land of parenting, I am starting to get that mid-winter itch to make it all better. (and I cannot ignore that desire to improve the place for when we eventually sell it).

my big focus right now, (besides day dreaming about gardening and plotting furniture purchases for our decks), is our bedroom. I am still in that very neutral, very simple ease sort of mood when it comes to decorating. I am afraid to put anything on the walls - especially in the bedroom - because I simply do not want to overwhelm the mood or find myself sick of the artwork.

here's what I am in the mood for (all thanks to pinterest)

I like the idea of this wooden headboard but hate the cliched writing. barf. and also hate how the whole thing feels a little forced. I want easy, simple, cozy. 

like this one is actually comfortable and real. and beautiful. and pretty much the best around. (clearly I am drawn to wood walls). 

I also am drawn to the idea of a bed on the floor. am I crazy? I know my husband would not go for it, but there's something so relaxed about it. 

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  1. That looks like it needs some work. What was it that made you fall in love with the place? You have a nice plan to make your condo beautiful. Renovating it even more will surely improve the value of the property. That will allow you to fetch a higher price once you put it for sale in the market.

    Lakisha Zimmerer @ Joanne Davidow