Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY wall stripes

We decided to do a striped accent wall in the baby's room. Uncharted territory for us. Originally I wanted stripes on the floor, in the form of a Dash and Albert striped rug to lay down over the carpet. But given how small the room is (8 x 10 feet), my husband thought the door would keep catch on it and annoy the snot out of us. He's probably right.

Here's the wall before the stripes - the room is painted in Navajo White from Olympic, a great low-VOC paint from Lowes.


We wanted about 4 or 5 colored stripes on the wall, plus equal-sized "negative space" with the wall color. So based on that and the wall height, we went with 10 inch wide horizontal stripes. I used this great tutorial from Young House Love as our guidance.

The stripe color is a custom match of Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue in Olympic paint from Lowes. Gotta love that they have the colors for designer fan decks in their computer.

AFTER - daytime

AFTER - nighttime

Not too shabby. We did remove the tape while the paint was still wet, as recommended by Young House Love. A little scary, especially with a toddler underfoot, but it was definitely the right move.

More on the baby's room to come!!!

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